Depression, Fear, Shame & Anxiety Counselling

Feeling depressed, anxious, fearful, highly stressed, ashamed, or in other forms of psychological pain are common reasons people seek psychotherapy and counselling support. With customized, effective therapeutic approaches, we work together so you can better be with, and transform these states, to establish more joy and vitality in your life.

Grief, Loss & Trauma-Informed Practice

Grief from various types of losses impacts our attachment system and can result in a wide range of feelings that can feel overwhelming. Grief is a natural process that is wholly connected with our capacity to love and to heal. We do not 'get over' loss any more than we 'get over' any major event in our life, such as a wedding, a birth of a child, or anything that was vitally important to us. Instead, we are continually changed by the range of human experiences we encounter. Sometimes we may feel the need for support with our losses and the grieving process. My approach is to work incrementally to process, and integrate, in a safe environment. 

In all my work I take a trauma-informed approach. I use effective strategies that help you build your capacity to cope with difficulty, harness agency and Self direction, and live in a state more embodying calm, courage, compassion, meaning, and connection.

Self-Care Counselling

I support people to look deeply at, and adjust, their own self-care. Together we work to uncover and resolve reasons why one may not be doing appropriate self-care. Self-care takes on many facets, many of which include learning to meet the Self with loving compassion. 

Caregiver & Parenting Support

Supporting people who care for others, such as parents or caregivers in various other capacities both professional and personal, is a focus in my practice.

Individual & Couples Counselling: Emotionally Focused Informed Therapy

Clients may identify a range of presenting symptoms, experiences, or feelings, for example, concerning health, discord, dissatisfaction, coping abilities, difficult internal emotional states, or experiences at work or home, which grow out of interpersonal interactions and combine with internal psychological states. Effective psychotherapy treats the whole person, couple, or family, while considering systems of interactions and change, and supporting each person in their psychological-emotional-spiritual growth. We work closely with that which needs to transform so that individually, we are better able to be with and work with difficulty, and so that interpersonally, more emotional closeness and connection is felt.